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Core Shred Non-Stim Fat Burner

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  • Back in stock January 23, 2023
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Looking to shed that stubborn fat but hesitant to use fat burners due to the side effects like anxiety and jitters? Then Core Shred by Core Nutritionals is the fat burner for you! 

Introducing Core Shred by Core Nutritionals the perfect solution for anyone who wants to lose fat without the side effects of stimulant-based thermogenics. 

If you on a calorie deficit and must train in the evening, taking stimulant-based thermogenic is not detrimental to healthy sleep patterns. Thankfully with Core Shred, you can enjoy a non-stimulant-based thermogenic product that covers major pathways of lipolysis in multiple, non-redundant, and synergistic ways, without any neurological stimulation whatsoever.

This science backed supplement is designed to help you metabolize stored body fat, enhance mental focus and feeling of wellbeing, increase thermogenesis, and boost your metabolic output. Combined with a sensible diet and workout regime tailored to fat loss, Core Shred helps you manage and maintain a state of caloric deficit for a sustained period of time, allowing you to increase fat loss. 

Take Core Shred twice per day, every day, with one serving upon waking and the second serving approximately 6 hours later. Ideally, take one serving approximately 15 minutes before cardio or workout on workout days. Simply mix one scoop with 250-500ml of water in a Shaker, shake it up, and enjoy! 

You'll experience the initial effects of Core Shred almost immediately, with a sharp surge in body temperature just 20-30 minutes after your first dose. Combined with a sensible dieting and training regime tailored to fat loss, you will start to experience the full effects of Core Shred within the first 2 weeks of use. 

Get ready to crush your workout and achieve your fat loss goals with Core Shred– the ultimate non-stimulant-based thermogenic metabolic output enhancing supplement designed to increase fat loss and promote a healthy lifestyle.

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