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Prime Hydration - 500ml

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    Prime Hydration - 500ml-Drinks & RTDs-Prime-Blue Raspberry-Club Bunker Prime Hydration - 500ml-Drinks & RTDs-Prime-Lemonade-Club Bunker Prime Hydration - 500ml-Drinks & RTDs-Prime-Orange-Club Bunker Prime Hydration - 500ml-Drinks & RTDs-Prime-Lemon Lime-Club Bunker Prime Hydration - 500ml-Drinks & RTDs-Prime-Grape-Club Bunker Prime Hydration - 500ml-Drinks & RTDs-Prime-Tropical Punch-Club Bunker Prime Hydration - 500ml-Drinks & RTDs-Prime-Meta Moon-Club Bunker Prime Hydration - 500ml-Drinks & RTDs-Prime-Ice Pop-Club Bunker Prime Hydration - 500ml-Drinks & RTDs-Prime-Strawberry Watermelon-Club Bunker Prime Hydration - 500ml-Drinks & RTDs-Prime-Club Bunker Prime Hydration - 500ml-Drinks & RTDs-Prime-Lemonade / Ice Pop / Tropical 3 pack-Club Bunker Prime Hydration - 500ml-Drinks & RTDs-Prime-KSI - Mango-Club Bunker Prime Hydration - 500ml-Drinks & RTDs-Prime-Lemonade / Meta Moon / Strawberry / Ice Pop 4 Pack-Club Bunker

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    Hydration is essential to a healthy life, but sometimes your thirst can’t be quenched with just ordinary water. Enter Prime Hydration, the drink developed by YouTube sensations Logan Paul and KSI that’s designed to fuel your next endeavour.

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    What does Prime Hydration do?

    This delicious blend of electrolytes, BCAAs and antioxidants will have you feeling great all day long; so don’t hold back; live large with Prime Hydration!

    Providing energy while keeping you hydrated, Prime Hydration is great for an active lifestyle and sports performance. Containing 10% coconut water, 825g electrolytes, 250mg BCAAs, vitamin B, and antioxidants it’s a sports hydration drink with all the right ingredients to get your body ready to perform and recover.

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    Prime stock best before dates;
    Ice Pop - Jan 2024
    Meta Moon - Mar 2024
    Orange - July 2024
    Strawberry Watermelon - Mar 2024
    Tropical Punch - Mar 2024

    Please note stock is still legal for sale and safe for consumption past best before dates, stock price is reflected to dates.

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